1-Day Fantasy Baseball Chance At $100,000

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Nice Move

1-Day Fantasy Baseball Chance At $100,000

Even the most hardcore baseball fan occasionally gets bored watching a game. Well, there’s one easy way to avoid this alarming lack of interest: 1-day fantasy baseball. With that in mind, our friends at DraftKings.com are holding a contest specifically for the TFM readers with the potential for a HUGE payout.

It’s only $5 to enter, and this exclusive contest will reward 1st and 2nd place winners with an entry into the $100,000 Spring Fling contest on 5/17 (this Friday).

Winning $100,000 playing fantasy baseball. TFM.

3rd-10th place will still win $10 and double their money.

Sign up up now. There are only 45 spots, and when there’s this much cash on the line those spots fill up fast, so you could be waving bye-bye to your chance at $100k.




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