10 Hours Of Walking In NYC As A Man Is Much Funnier Than The Woman’s Version

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Nice Move

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A few days ago, a lady filmed herself walking the streets of Manhattan and exploited just how thirsty dudes in New York are. Amidst a never-ending onslaught of verbal harassment, this stone cold man-eater didn’t even crack a courtesy smile or say a polite “thank you.” The video was to raise awareness and help put an end to street cat-calling.

Of course, someone saw this as an opportunity to hit a complete homerun with a parody video.

“Pumpkin spice season, son!”

Honestly, it’s the perfect response video and could also double as a real-life LinkedIn sketch–people constantly wanting to network and swap business cards can get a little overwhelming. No, random semi-attractive girl I have no mutual connections with, I don’t want to be a recruiter for your abortion of an IT company.

Being a well-off, educated dude can be hard sometimes.

[via Funny or Die]


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