13 Slightly Offensive Golf Terms

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13 Slightly Offensive Golf Terms

The start of yet another golf season is upon us, and with it comes a vast array of new things. From new clubs (fucking putter) to new balls (pledges can’t find shit) and everything in-between, the start of golf season is the perfect time to stock up on new gear. Well, why not add some new golf terminology while you’re at it?

ROCK HUDSON– a putt that looked straight, but wasn’t.

SADDAM HUSSEIN– from one bunker to another.

JOHN F KENNEDY, JR.– didn’t quite make it over the water.

RODNEY KING– over clubbed.

O.J.– got away with one.

PRINCESS GRACE– should have used a driver.

PRINCESS DI– shouldn’t have used a driver.

CONDOM– safe, but didn’t feel good.

BRAZILIAN– shaved the hole.

NANCY PELOSI– way to the left and out of bounds.

TED KENNEDY– goes in the water and jumps out.

PEE WEE HERMAN– too much wrist.

SONNY BONO– straight into the trees.

Enjoy the course…



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