20 Thoughts You Have During Your Final Exam

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20 Thoughts You Have During Your Final Exam

1. Uhhhhhh…..

2. The curve in this class better be huge.

3. All this talk about number 2 pencils is making me have to do bad things

4. I have no idea what the correct multiple choice answer is on most of these. Better go with good, old trusty “C.”

5. Not enough Bs.

6. Pretty sure I’m about to pass out from exhaustion due to lack of sleep. That has to get me an automatic A, right?

7. The fact that a $10,000 semester can be condensed into $5 worth of outlines only goes to show how economically inefficient college is.

8. Only a total jerk wouldn’t let me pass.

9. Graphing calculators are overly calculated.

10. Time for a bathroom break.

11. Finals week is the perfect storm for running out of sleep.

12. Pulling off a mid-final checking on the baseball game score is what separates the geeds from the campus legends.

13. Worst case scenario if I fail? I “have” to take a victory lap. Oh, no, another semester of college football, tailgates, formals, and debauchery? Universities really have it backward in the grade incentive department.

14. Here comes the carpal tunnel syndrome.

15. For the love of God, TA, how hard is it to write on the chalkboard how much time’s remaining?

16. Whichever jokester chose enchiladas for the house’s dinner last night is a savage.

17. 3 hours is remarkably short.

18. Lord, give me hope.

19. Stop staring at me, TA.

20. Thank God for test banks.



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