20 Ways To Replace Breaking Bad On Sundays

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Nice Move


1) When life taketh Walter White, life giveth Kenny Powers.

2) Hold out hope that the QB in the Sunday Night game won’t go off for 40 fantasy points.

3) Breathe a sigh of relief after he throws a pick with five minutes to go.

4) Watch your fantasy opponent’s D/ST return a pick-6, giving him the backdoor “W.”

5) Assert dominance over drywall.

6) Make the pledges clean it up.

7) Blame not returning texts on the government being shut down.

8) Count down the days until Better Call Saul.

9) Open the textbooks for the first time all semester. This is the week you get serious.

10) Find yourself skimming paragraphs after two pages.

11) Take a well-deserved study break five minutes in. Never get around to it later.

12) Throw out some “let’s do something later” texts to mark your territory for the upcoming weekend.

13) Rediscover how awesomely cheap billiards are when the bar’s empty on Sundays.

14) Make pledges tape pillows to themselves so you have a goalie to practice shooting pucks at come beer league season.

15) Start collecting online signatures to bring back Curb Your Enthusiasm.

16) Abuse the word “really.”

17) Look out your window and mock all the freshmen still relying on maps.

18) Mac n cheese. Lots and lots of Mac N cheese.

19) Brainstorm patently offensive Halloween costume ideas.

20) Start watching Breaking Bad from season one all over again. Gotta hold onto the good times.


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