2016 College Football Week 4: Burning Down On Toomer’s Corner

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Nice Move


Week 4

How you’re undoubtedly feeling this morning.

Especially if you’re a USC fan and are still trying to drink away the harsh reality that Clay Helton is only four games into a five year deal.

Maybe not the best look for Mizzou to pummel a historically black college like this after the last year or so.

I’m just going to have Galvin Belson break down Georgia’s performance against Ole Miss.

Michigan wins again despite getting “out hit” by their opponent.

Madison’s getting Horni.

We’re no longer subjected to those highly original “Things that weren’t around the last time Tennessee beat Florida” posts or tweets.

The Auburn-LSU game just turned into a viral video incubator.

Rough few years for the Oak Trees on Toomer’s Corner.

Baylor stumbles out of the gate but recovers.

TFM’s Team continues to roll.

If you had UCLA +3.5 maybe take a few weeks off to get your head right.

Bret Beliema always seems to have to eat his own words.

Pac 12 is going to cannibalize itself again.


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