21 Jump Street Franchise Goes To College, Looks Awesome

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Nice Move

“I am a simple man. I like pretty, dark haired woman and breakfast food.”

Nick Offerman has made a hilarious career out of being Ron Swanson. Ron is the hard-nosed, give-it-to-you-straight, no-punches-pulled, overly-manly director of the parks and recreation department in the NBC comedy Parks and Recreation.

Naturally, such success can cause an actor of Offerman’s quality to be type-cast as Ron Swanson, but I for one don’t think thats a bad thing. If any of you can recall all the back to 2012 when he played Deputy Chief Hardy in the movie 21 Jump Street, he was essentially Deputy Chief Ron “Take-Zero-Shit” Swanson, and it was a great movie.

He sums up the sequel to that film, titled 22 Jump Street, in the trailer:

“Ladies, nobody gave a shit about the Jump Street reboot, but you got lucky.”

No frills, here’s the deal, you still aren’t hot shit, deal with it. Classic Swanson.

Here’s the trailer I mentioned four sentences ago:

Schmidt and Jenko are back, with more guns, fraternity parties, and women who are actually legal. I can tell you right now that I’m going to see this movie when it comes out, and you should too.

Word on the street is that Tatro is going to be in this one, hopefully returning to his fraternity roots.



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