30 Things Fraternity Guys Say When They’re Trying to Get Laid

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Nice Move

1. “We could just go back to my place and watch a movie.”

2. “Hey, let me buy you a drink.”

3. “I’ll call us a pledge ride home.”

4. “Anything you want me to help with for that 21st birthday sign?”

5. “Oh, it was you who put ‘Call Me Maybe’ on the jukebox? What a great song.”

6. “Why yes, I would love to meet your little.”

7. (via text message) “what are you up to tonight?”

8. “Upside-down Margarita shots, anyone?”

9. “I’m sorry, I didn’t see where your sisters went. Maybe we could look for them at my place?”

10. “I’m making Jell-o shots for the party tonight.”

11. “Your Communications classes sound really difficult.”

12. “How much will I owe you for this again?”

13. “Wow, there are girls in your sorority that you don’t like? Tell me all about them.”

14. “Hey man, how old is your little sister again?”

15. “We just got a puppy, you should come over and see!”

16. “My house isn’t too far from here…”

17. (via text message) “come over.”

18. “Wanna be my date for Formal?”

19. “Your mom seems like an amazing woman.”

20. “Sorry to hear that your boyfriend is out of town.”

21. “I promise I won’t tell anyone about this.”

22. “I’m a Senior, but I’m going to Law School next Fall.”

23. “You ready for round 2?”

24. (via text message) “heyy whatf are yuo uop to?”

25. “We’re having a huge post-party at the house after this, you should come.”

26. “I’ve got some ‘party favors’ back at my place if you’re trying to get down.”

27. “That Instagram filter makes your eyes look gorgeous.”

28. “You should bring your new pledge class over tonight!”

29. “I know you’re only a Freshman but you seem really mature for your age.”

30. “I love you too.”


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