5 Ole Miss Pikes Jump And Beat A Sigma Pi “Within An Inch Of His Life”

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Nice Move


Five members of Pi Kappa Alpha at Ole Miss were arrested in connection with the assault of Sigma Pi brother Jeremy Boyle that left the victim with a multitude of serious injuries. Boyle suffered a concussion, broken ear drum, broken teeth, bruised lung, and bruised ribs as a result of the vicious beat down.

From MS News Now:

“They descended upon him and beat him unmercifully. Beat him within an inch of his life,” [Boyle’s grandfather Robert] Boyle said.

This all came about after Jeremy heard a noise outside the Sigma Pi house. After checking on the sound, he was jumped by the five Pikes on his fraternity’s property.

At the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity house, Chapter President Gunther Kenudston would only say that those were actions of individuals, and the actions were not connected to fraternity business.

A member of Boyle’s fraternity said the fraternity was letting Boyle and his family handle the matter.

Meanwhile, Ole Miss spokesman Danny Blanton said the university is pleased with the campus police investigation that led to charges in the cause. Blanton said he could not comment any further because of school privacy rules.

Whether this was personal and planned out or this poor kid just walked in to the wrong situation at the wrong time, it was fucking brutal. With four of the five kids arrested having giant shit-eating smiles in their mugshots, I’m leaning towards the former. You just don’t leave the kid who caught you stealing a composite “within an inch of his life.” Not going mano a mano straight up is always a coward move. I don’t care what the reason was behind this attack, these goons are complete scumbags who deserve whatever they have coming.

[via MS News Now]

Images via Oxford Police Department


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