5-Star Auburn Commitment Gets Auburn Tattoo, Decommits

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Nice Move

The fallout from a disastrous 3-9 season can be extremely detrimental to a football program. Public shame ensues. Coaches get fired. Recruits look elsewhere. Commitments falter. These have all happened to the 2012 Auburn Tigers. Most notable has to be today’s decommitment of 5-star Reuben Foster, the nation’s top linebacker prospect (according to Rivals.com).

Foster showed his Auburn “ALL IN” commitment to the Tigers by rocking the above forearm tat. This was before their football season hopped the train tracks.

Man, once you get inked up like that, I’d say you’re pot-committed at that point. How bad can the next four years at Auburn be, man? Just go with it. Plus, you’re likely landing a starting spot there immediately. I just cannot endorse this decision, Reub.




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