5 Types Of BlackBalled Pledges

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1. Tough-Guy Pledge


“I swear if one of you puts a hand on me..”

Tough-Guy Pledge has trust issues, and doesn’t exactly understand his place in the house hierarchy. Often resembling “Psycho” from the movie Stripes, Tough-Guy Pledge will typically be very soft-spoken around the brothers until demeaned in any way or fashion. At that very moment his chest puffs out slightly, his voice deepens, and he decides to take a stance because he believes he has too much pride for this shit.

He usually has experience with some random-ass martial art, which he feels the need to inform you about. Due to his absolute lack of respect for the system and members, along with his constant one-upping and trying to be the alpha male of his pledge class, tough guy pledge is almost always universally hated by both pledges and members alike, which makes for an easy blackball process. Once the decision is made, it’s your sacred duty to grab a handle and a front row seat to this fireworks show.


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