6 Frattiest Disney Characters

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Nice Move

1. Gaston

“No one says no to Gaston.”

Gaston is, without a doubt, the frattiest character is Disney history. While he may have developed a minor steroid problem during his undergrad years, and his cholesterol levels keep him constantly on the verge of a crippling stroke (5 dozen eggs a day tend to have that effect), Gaston’s “I fucking own you” attitude is something to be admired. Instead of dipping chewing tobacco like the rest of us, he gnaws off the end up his belt and packs a fat lip of raw leather. The dude carries a rifle at all times, refuses to read books, and keeps three identical blonde babes in tow 24/7. If any further explanation is needed for you to understand why he is number one on this list, you need to reevaluate your life.


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