74 Arrested In University Of Alabama Drug Bust

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Shit hit the fan in Tuscaloosa today. 74 Alabama students were arrested on various drug charges in one of the biggest drug busts in west Alabama. There were Narcotics Units breaking down dorm room doors starting at about 5 this morning, and they’ve continued to pick people up all day today from on and off campus. […] At least 10 or 20 of the guys were in different fraternities around campus. […] Some official statements from the university have mentioned expulsion for the students involved.”

And more from blog.al.com:

The 183 charges for the 71 men and 3 women include sale of controlled substance, sale of marijuana, possession of controlled substance, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The majority of the charges were for marijuana, but police also found drugs including cocaine, LSD, ecstasy, mushrooms and prescription pills, said Tuscaloosa Police Chief Steve Anderson. Several guns and thousands of dollars were seized as search and arrest warrants were executed today.

Confidential informants were strategically placed and used to build evidence. The investigation, of which has been in the works for over two months, has got to be the biggest bust in recent university history.

Here is a list of the 74 people booked on charges from the arrest roundup:

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We’ll update the story as more information comes in.

[via blog.al.com, Tuscaloosa News]



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