75 Citations Handed Out At UNCC Fraternity Party

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Nice Move

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You get a ticket! You get a ticket! You get a ticket!

You get a ticket!

Everybody gets a ticket!

Seventy-five citations, including DUI and underage drinking charges, were distributed at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s Chi Phi house recently. Allegedly, there was an abundance of underage drinking going on there.

Upon arrival to the off-campus party, police entered the house by using a “breeching device,” which I assume is some sort of battering ram. The partygoers must have attempted the old, “Hey bro, if we don’t open the door for them, the cops can’t come in” move. That just doesn’t work, guys. It’s not like the police are going to get bored and call it a night. They will find a way in, whether it’s by luring the drunkest kid outside with a cold tallboy, or by busting down your door.

The chapter has since been placed on interim suspension.

[via wsoctv]


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