7’6″ Monster Makes High School Competition Look Like Little Kids, Dunks All Over Them

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Nice Move

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How the fuck do you cover a 7-foot-6 monster on the basketball court? Simple answer, you don’t–at least in high school. Just watch as vertically challenged kids helplessly try to play defense on Liberty Christian Prep center Tacko Fall.

It’s beyond comical looking at opposing teams and the “fuck this bullshit” look of despair on their faces.

We’ve seen some tall motherfuckers in the past who never panned out, mainly because they were too fucking big to move. Former University of North Carolina-Asheville player, Kenny George first comes to mind. You could just feel his knees disintegrating with every step. However, Fall looks much more mobile.

Today, he signed with Donnie Jones and the University of Central Florida. The basketball squad has been a bit of a circus since the Jordan brothers came and went, so Fall should fit right in.

Obviously, he’s going to be nowhere near as dominant on the collegiate level, as players are typically above six feet, but it should still be something to keep an eye on to see how his game translates to Division I.

Welcome to Orlando, Tacko.

[via ESPN]

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