90-Year-Old Man Has Best Response For Police That Catch Him Soliciting Prostitution

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Nice Move

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I don’t know about you, but there is something about a prostitute’s approach to labor that I’ve always admired. They’re out here in the mix with the rest of us, performing their services (usually) indiscriminate of race or religion. I respect that, but I do so from afar. Others like to get up close and personal — namely Nicholas Salerno, an elderly man from Massachusetts.

After soliciting the services of a hooker to the tune of $100 and recovering for what I assume was several hours, Salerno noticed that a necklace was missing from his home.

From Law Newz:

Nicholas Salerno, 90, paid Karen Proia, 48, $100 to perform a sex act. Approximately one day later, Salerno reportedly called the cops after noticing a necklace was missing from his home.

God damn it, Karen. If you can’t trust a hooker anymore, who can you trust? Salerno, thirsty for justice, called the police to report the crime. When asked if he was aware that he would be charged with soliciting a prostitute, Salerno replied, “I don’t give a fuck, I’m 90 years old.”

You’re the fucking man, Nick.

[via Law Newz]

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