A BYU Basketball Player Sucker Punched A Utah Player During Their Rivalry Game And Then Told Him To Stay Down

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Nice Move

When BYU plays Utah, their honor code is thrown out the window. Sure, it may not be “pious” to sock someone right in the face, but those blasphemous Utes are, by not attending BYU, essentially denouncing organized mormonism. Joseph Smith wouldn’t stand for that, and neither does Nick Emery. So, he decided to take God’s divine right into his own hands… literally.

Apparently he said some pretty mean things to Utah guard Brandon Taylor after he punched him, too.

I’ve gotta know — what constitutes “very foul” in Utah? I imagine it probably borders on “mildly pleasant” in Boston or New York terms. “Eat hardwood, dingbat!” and “Taste my fists, buddy!” are where my mind is drawn; not sure how accurate those may be.

Yeah, Utah won the game 83-75.

[via ESPN]

Image via ESPN


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