A Frat Hound Found The Escaped Dartmouth Python

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Nice Move

The campus of Dartmouth College recently escalated to a code red lockdown after news broke that a python escaped its enclosure from inside The Tabard house, a coed fraternity on Webster Avenue. The ball python was non-threatening and nonpoisonous, but still, snakes. Panic ensued.

Rest easy, students and surrounding communities of Dartmouth. Man’s best friend came through for us once again.

From The Atlantic Wire:

The missing three-foot ball python that escaped from a Dartmouth fraternity house and spent the weekend terrorizing the campus and the surrounding community was retrieved late Tuesday night thanks to the heroic efforts of a dog. The Dartmouth reports that a noble canine discovered the snake hiding in a hole under a wooden plank in the Tabard house backyard, not far from the cage he escaped from on Thursday. The coed fraternity sent an email last night informing members that the snake had been found.

Dogs, man. Gotta love ’em.

[via The Atlantic Wire]



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