Aaron Rodgers Has A Doppelgänger And You Can’t Tell Them Apart

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Nice Move

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I have a close friend who looks a lot like Aaron Rodgers. He’s shorter, skinnier, harrier, and can’t throw a football for shit, but the face is there. After seeing Tom Wrigglesworth, though, my friend suddenly doesn’t resemble Rodgers like I thought he did. If this dude took the field for the Packers’ season opener this year, 99 percent of the people watching would just be like, “Damn, A-Rodge grew some mean dirtbag hair this offseason.” His family and a few hardcore Pack fans would be the only ones to pause and question who the impostor was.

According to Bleacher Report, A-Rodge’s doppelgänger is an English comedian. If Wrigglesworth isn’t dedicating at least 10 minutes of his bit toward Aaron Rodgers jokes and impersonations, he’s a shitty comedian.

The resemblance is uncanny.

[via Bleacher Report, Twitter]


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