Adidas Said It Would Pay The Fastest 40 Time $100,000, UAB Receiver With Fastest Time Isn’t Getting Paid Though

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Nice Move

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Adidas is the definition of mediocrity. It is the athletic brand equivalent to the 45-year-old who made middle management 20 years ago and hasn’t progressed since, so this story really doesn’t shock me at all. Apparently Adidas was offering up $100,000 to the fastest three 40-yard dash times by players who wore the brand’s shoes at the NFL combine.

Adidas did this last year as well, but got burned by now New Orleans Saints receiver Brandin Cooks, who took the money and ran to Nike. So, this time, it added a stipulation into the contest that players had to sign a contract to endorse the company beforehand. No longer would Adidas pay money only to get cuckolded by a big swinging dick like Phil Knight — not again.

Well, the fastest 40 time of the whole damn combine happened to have been run in a pair of Adidas kicks, and because of the company consisting of insecure fucks, the kid isn’t getting the cash. J.J. Nelson, a receiver from the now demised UAB football program, ran a blistering 4.28 forty. He had his choice of shoes when he got to Indianapolis, but he went with Adidas as he was aware of the prize and because he genuinely liked the shoe.

From ESPN:

An Adidas news release said that the offer was “open to the athletes who sign with adidas prior to running their official 40 yard dashes later this month,” but Nelson said he wasn’t ever given a chance to sign with the brand.

“I signed some waiver at some point, but I was never given a chance to sign an endorsement deal,” Nelson said.

Nelson is projected as a late round pick, so I imagine not too many companies were rolling out the red carpet for him to sign an endorsement deal. However, dude smokes everyone in your shoes and is genuinely happy with your product, and you don’t try to make things right and sign him to a deal right then and there? $100,000 should be a drop in the bucket for a company that size. This is why you are what you are, Adidas.

[via ESPN]

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