Adrian Peterson Rode A Camel Into His 30th Birthday Party

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Nice Move

Adrian Peterson celebrated his 30th birthday over the weekend with a very low-key, gracious gathering that included a few friends, your standard place Arabian palace cake accompanied with a 12-foot ice bar, and the modest “riding a camel into the venue” entrance.

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Yawn. This is what is blowing up the internet right now? Not seeing what the big deal is. Who hasn’t ridden a camel into a party while rocking their finest silk garments? Sounds like your typical Tuesday night mixer with the busted sorority. And Jamie Foxx as the entertainment? That would have been cool — 5 years ago.

Seriously AP, are you an elite NFL running back or a Boca Raton teenage girl trying to hold back her tears from such an underwhelming sweet sixteen?

[via Deadspin]

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