After LSU Helped USC During Floods Last Fall, Gamecocks Give Back To Baton Rouge

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Nice Move

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When South Carolina was ravaged by flooding last fall, Louisiana State University went above and beyond to help out their SEC family. With the roadways of Columbia crumbling apart, LSU offered to host what would have been a home game at USC. LSU made a painstaking effort to make the Gamecocks feel at home, playing their fight song and offering free entry to students. They also donated a truckload of cans, $40,000, and an extra $101,000 from a worn Leonard Fournette jersey auctioned off after the game.

Now, the Gamecocks are doing what they can to return the favor.

USC is asking fans to donate canned goods to be delivered to Baton Rouge. USC President Harris Pastides tweeted in solidarity with LSU.

If you’re in the Columbia, South Carolina area, you can find a nearby food truck at which to drop off canned goods HERE.


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