Al Roker Once Crapped His Pants At The White House, Admits It On National TV (VIDEO)

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Nice Move

Al Roker, America’s lovable, wildly under-qualified weatherman is well known for many things, mostly being a wildly under-qualified weatherman. But the morning TV personality also famously battled with weight loss, eventually having gastric bypass surgery in 2002.

Generally, I could give two craps about Al Roker (ironic wording!) but this story is kind of funny. Notice I said it’s kind of funny. You know me, I’m always one for the poop jokes, but the lack of disastrous consequences or even awkward moments in his story sort of kills the tension that any good poop story should have.

While crapping yourself at the center of the free world is humorous nonetheless, talking about it in a television interview, with a straight face, and with the reporter keeping an even straighter face while saying the words “you pooped your pants” is nothing short of amazing. No words of mine can do this interview justice. Just watch.

NBC has the Super Bowl this year, I can’t imagine that Roker wouldn’t be there giving useless weather reports for a game being played indoors. Here’s hoping he shits his pants while giving the forecast for New Orleans.

[via The Huffington Post]

Video and Image via TMZ




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