Alabama Fans Stampede Into Bryant-Denny For The Chance To Meet Nick Saban

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Nice Move

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I’ve seen a lot of sad videos in my life, but I’m not sure anything comes close to this one.

A bunch of gross looking human beings gathered at Alabama’s football stadium for a chance to meet players and come face to face with God Nick Saban.

Just look at the cheesy-ass smiles on the faces of football’s lowest common denominator as they fulfill the dream of having a small, angry bastard sign some piece of Crimson Tide memorabilia that they had to take out a second mortgage to buy.

Here is a video of the masochistic tradition known as the “Running of The Bama Fans.”

Watch as adult men in jorts drag obese children onto a “sacred” football field and imagine a loud, audible sigh. This must have been the exact moment when Nick Saban realized he made a mistake by not going to Texas.

Image via YouTube


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