Alcohol Delivered To Your Doorstep Is About To Become Reality

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If you’re anything like my squad and I, there will be a time when the alcohol well runs dry but there’s still plenty of night left. You miscalculated the number of people at the party or underestimated how hard some of the girls you invited over could go. Let’s say, theoretically, all the pledges are doing what they do best: being useless.

You do a quick scan for whoever is the most sober. In this scenario, it’s your boy, Danny Regs. You toss Danny the keys, theoretically of course, and tell everyone to remain calm because the situation is under control. Unfortunately, on the way there, Danny gets snagged for a DUI, $10,000 in fines, and a night sharing a cell with some of America’s finest citizens. The party fizzles out with the lack of product, everyone leaves disappointed, and it’s an all-around buzzkill of a night.

Fortunately, there’s hope in the future that no one ends up like Danny Regs. A Los Angeles based startup company, appropriately named Saucey, launched in May and is gaining steam. People have called it the “Uber of alcohol delivery,” due to its similarities to the popular driving application. With an appropriate ID provided, a Saucey driver will hit up the local liquor store and purchase all your alcohol and tobacco needs in approximately 20 minutes.

Saucey is only available in the Los Angeles area, but it’s looking to expand.

From Bloomberg Business Week:

“We’ve had stores from over 16 different states contact us asking us how we can bring our platform to them,” Vaughn boasts. “We’ve got customers who work out of the country contacting us.”

Godspeed, Saucey. It’s too late for Danny Regs, but you’ll be clutch for countless others.

[via Bloomberg Business Week]

Image via Saucey


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