All I Want To Do After Watching This Ridiculous ’80s PSA About Cocaine Is Rail Lines

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Nice Move

The ’80s were a fun time. Apparently, they were such a fun time, filled with cocaine users partaking in a little booger sugar, that it was necessary to create a fun little PSA about the effects of cocaine. It’s quite ridiculous.

100% that 1-800-COCAINE was just running busy signals 24/7 due to the influx of calls coming in.

It’s interesting that, according to this, snorting up a line is equivalent to playing Russian Roulette. Seems like a little bit of a stretch to make that kind of assumption. BUT, I will say that it’s that kind of adrenaline that gets my blood flowing.

After watching this, I think I might go out tonight and hit the slopes, maybe even play a little Russian Roulette myself. That’s the kind of rush that makes life worth living. Everyone needs to have a little Charlie “Wild Card, bitches” moment in their life.


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