Alpha Chi Rho Meathead Delivers Intramural Hype Speech Of A Lifetime

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Nice Move

Sit down in the sturdiest chair near you, preferably one that’s anchored to the floor, and strap yourself down before you watch this video. If you don’t exercise these safety measures, you may spontaneously stand up and run through the wall nearest you at around 1:15 into the action. This is when the greatest intramural flag football hype speech you’ll ever see reaches a fever pitch. Just out of control.

Best line: “It doesn’t matter who the fuck is in it! Who the fuck we represent! Or who the fuck is going on outside this circle!!!”

You’ve got to love that. I mean, it makes absolutely zero sense, but given the passion with which it was delivered, it still kinda gets the point across, you know?

Update: The owner of the video made it private, but it’s cool because someone reposted it set to the music from Any Given Sunday‘s locker room speech scene. It’s even better now.

According to the title of the video, “We Rule the Field (AXP 2013 Greek Week Champs),” they won the game. Duh. No way they were letting this animal down. Not pictured: Three seconds after the video cuts off, this guy beats their weakest pledge to a bloody pulp as everyone looks on in sheer horror.

It’s just a game, Focker.

[via Deadspin]

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  1. 34

    Carl I really hope your fraternity doesn’t use language like this. I could barely finish watching this video without tearing up with disappointment and the possibility that you are being exposed to people like this!

    P.S, I had to cover Baxter’s ears!! :'(

    ^ ThisTake a lapLog in or sign up to reply. • 3 years ago

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