A&M Fan Fires Back At Alabama, Hangs Johnny Football Jersey On Bear Bryant Statue

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Nice Move

Ever since Johnny Manziel and his fellow Aggies pulled an upset win out of their asses in 2012, it’s felt as if Alabama and A&M have been at the beginning stages of a rivalry. After trading blows on the football field the last two seasons, the two schools are now trading blows on each other’s property.

The pranks began when one Alabama fan working a construction job at Kyle Field decided to hang an Alabama flag outside the stadium. He also claimed he intentionally sabotaged parts of the remodel. 

Over the weekend, one faithful Aggie responded by hanging a Johnny Manziel jersey on the statue of the beloved Bear Bryant.

There aren’t many acts that are worse than basically shitting on Bear Bryant. Hats off to this kid, though, for having the balls to pull this off.

Your move, Alabama. Just don’t make “Vick ‘Em” shirts. While hilarious, apparently it’s frowned upon.


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