Amanda Bynes On Her Arresting Officer: “He Slapped My Vagina”

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Nice Move

Man, I can’t help but love this chick. 100% entertainment, 100% of the time. A recent schtick of hers, and maybe my favorite from her repertoire, was basically calling all of her “haters” ugly on Twitter. You say she needs help? You’re ugly. You say she’s acting crazy. Boom. Ugly. You don’t like her new bleach blonde wig look? It’s because you’re stupid and ugly. It’s been fun to watch.

Now, after her recent arrest, she’s back behind a keyboard letting everyone know the real story about what went down. Here’s Amanda Bynes’ account of her arrest from earlier this week, via Twitter:

Screen shot 2013-05-25 at 6.03.11 PM

One minute you’re just chilling in your New York City apartment, totally sober and minding your own business, opening up your window for some fresh air, then the next thing you know a police officer comes in and just slaps the hell out of your vagina.

It’s a scenario we’ve all seen play out many times before. I believe her. If you think she’s lying, you’re ugly.

[via Twitter]

Image via ABC News



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