America Likes Vodka Over Everything Else, Per European Study

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Nice Move


The above photo will enlarge if you click on it, but don’t be so quick to do so, because it’s not pretty. Even the French are drinking harder stuff than we are.

Per a study so European that it’s easier to stomach with capri pants on, from Euromonitor International, Americans prefer drinking vodka when given the choice among gin, vodka, rum, whiskey, tequila, and brandy. Brandy? Who drinks brandy? Who even knows what brandy tastes like? The Chinese do, apparently. They’re just over there being communists, plucking infants from their homes to mold into Olympic athletes, and downing brandy like it ain’t no thing.

Here’s a list of countries and the aforementioned liquors their citizens are drinking:


Y’all know I love my vodka sodas. Not sorry about it, either.

[via Quartz]


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