America Loved This Marine’s Response To The People Protesting For Free College

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Nice Move

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If you’re active on social media, you’ve probably seen one of your whacky, out-of-touch friends share a link about the #MillionStudentMarch — a movement for free tuition at colleges nationwide. That’s not all — it also demands that we, as a nation, forgive all existing student debt and raise the minimum wage for college employees to $15.

If your immediate response to that idea is a puzzled look and the question: How the hell can we afford that? Congratulations! You’re a rational, sane person. I mean, there is no question that college is becoming unaffordable and the student debt is a complete nightmare, but let’s at least try to be a little more realistic here with our demands, guys.

Even its own organizers can’t competently explain how America would be able to pull this one off. But boy, it sure does sound nice!

BREAKING: People are dumb.

You know who isn’t dumb? James Erickson, a Marine who had the perfect response to this entire movement.

It’s been a busy, nonsensical week, and I am sure we all could have done a better job honoring our veterans, but thank you, James. Your rational thinking and service to this nation is something that I will be eternally grateful for.

Okay, tired of all these politics and #SocialMovement nonsense. Let’s see what is on Reddit.

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