America Loves This 81-Year-Old Grandpa Experiencing His Cubs Winning The World Series

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Nice Move

Yesterday, I said this:

“By the way, I’m all for Cubs fans getting their hearts ripped out tonight. I have absolutely nothing against them or the city of Chicago (great city, actually), but a 108-year streak of not winning the World Series is just an awesome thing going for the game of baseball, and I don’t want it to die yet. The Red Sox ruined their curse. This is the only good one left. I like history. I like streaks. I don’t “like” fan misery, but tonight I’m all for it.

Go Tribe.”

Today I watched the below video and now I’m taking it all back.

This 81-year-old family man has been waiting his entire life to witness a Cubs World Series win. Look at the unbridled display of happiness. Sports, man. That’s what they’re about right there.


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