American Student is TFTC at The Running of the Bulls

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Nice Move

The world famous Running of the Bulls festival kicked off a few days ago in Pamplona, Spain. As it does every year, it’s attracting thousands of brave people willing to risk their lives for a good story that Alzheimers will eventually erase from their brains like a fat girl’s number from your iPhone, thus preventing their grandchildren from ever hearing about it anyway. For those that don’t know, the Running of the Bulls festival is centered around a group of people running away from a herd of pissed off, 1,100 pound bulls that will gladly kill you and stomp your face into ancient streets of Pamplona. Deaths in the past have occurred from being trampled, being gouged by horns, and internal bleeding after being bucked by a bull.

Every year Americans fly across the world to take part, and while the event would be a massive adrenaline rush by itself, an American like California student Mark Martinez, takes it to the next level by telling Spain and their traditions to suck it. After running once already, Martinez stated “I couldn’t touch the horns, I might try that tomorrow.” It’s one of the Spanish traditions (and perhaps common sense) to not touch one of these half-ton beasts, but Martinez is clearly TFTC. Martinez is going to touch those horns, and shove it in the face of those who didn’t. Let’s hope he’s alive after his vacation.


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