An Artist’s Amazing Rendition Of George Washington Dunking On Kim Jong-un

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Nice Move

Here it is, America: a sleeveless George Washington about to throw down a monster dunk on the North Korean dictator as teammate and possible center Abraham Lincoln boxes out Joseph Stalin, who appears disinterested in grabbing the board because, in his mind, everybody deserves a rebound.


Take that shit in.

Some other interesting aspects of the piece that should be critiqued:

• This game is being played in a sold-out arena, but it looks like smoke and sparks are coming from the scoreboard. Potentially an electrical fire? That probably means the arena is dilapidated and very delicate, like the players, whose combined age is 649 years.
• George Washington could likely bench 250 lbs.
• Lincoln likes white Nikes.
• Poor, posterized Kim Jong is like 5’2.

We can all thank artist and American hero Aaron Needham, the mind and hand behind the masterpiece. It belongs in the Smithsonian. Visit Aaron Needham’s website HERE.



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