This Hottie Won’t Stop Defying Death For Instagram Likes

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Nice Move

Angela Nikolau is an Instagram model, I think. Her pictures look pretty hot-girl typical, except one thing is glaringly different about Angela’s profile: She’s defying death for her pictures.

Jesus, Angela. Your left foot is inches away from slipping and falling to an untimely death. No safety measures or anything. Just hope and a camera. This isn’t the only instance I found of her. No, it seems every picture involves a high risk shot.

That last picture. That guy is one false movement away from dropping her hundreds of feet. She is literally cheating death in all of these photos. Just taunting death right in its smug face.

I’m all for thrill seeking, but never to the point where death is in the hands of someone else or some unforeseen gust of wind. Instagram likes just aren’t worth it.


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