ANOTHER Public BJ Caught On Video, This Time On The Beach

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Nice Move

2013 is quickly becoming the Year of the Public Beej, as the numerous accounts of the sort have developed into a pretty alarming phenomenon. Three weeks ago, we brought you this wild story and video of a sidewalk mouth jibber at Ohio University. Then, just yesterday, we released another fellatio session in a public, crowded area, this one reportedly occurring at a TKE Halloween party.

Well, another one has now landed in my inbox, and I will dutifully share it with you all. If you’re gonna suck it, I’m gonna post it.

We can’t confirm which beach this spectacle occurred on, although the tipster who sent the video to us used this caption: “Jacksonville beach, UGA/UF weekend. SEC BJ.” Our southeastern cohort, StuffFratPeopleLike, isn’t so sure that’s accurate. This detail isn’t all that important, however, because wherever it happened, there were a lot of people there.

Here’s the video:

I wonder if they roomed with the lovely couple from yesterday’s ocean fornication story.




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