Apache Helicopter Pilot Sings “American Pie” as He Rains Hellfire Missiles on Terrorists (VIDEO)

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Nice Move

It’s good to see that our troops can still have a little fun every now and then. There’s actually been somewhat of an uproar about this video because, other than the fact that the pilot is singing while he kills somebody, the men in the road were purportedly farmers in the process of planting poppies, not terrorists. That makes sense, most terrorists farmers agree that the best place to put your IEDs plant your cash crop is in the middle of a road. And naturally it makes more sense to hide plant the IED the poppies at night, like these men were doing, so that U.S. soldiers other farmers won’t see where you hid the IED planted your seeds and disarm steal them. Makes perfect sense. They totally weren’t terrorists.

[h/t to reader TheBlonde]


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