Arizona State Wants To Ban Kegs At Tailgates

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Nice Move

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In an attempt to “improve safety and discourage alcohol abuse,” Arizona State University is debating whether or not it should ban kegs at tailgates and shorten the amount of time fans are allowed to tailgate before ASU football games.

I can just see these dweebs with overinflated senses of importance sitting around a conference table, debating the most effective way to ruin the cool students’ fun. God forbid they do a few keg stands and get a little rowdy. It’s football season for crying out loud! What else are they supposed to do? If you’re not funneling disgustingly cheap beer and doing keg stands until you puke, you’re not tailgating correctly.

While the task force hasn’t made any decisions regarding the keg ban and tailgate time restrictions yet, folks should expect to see resolutions on the issues presented to the Arizona Board of Regents this summer.

With the insane amount of incredible female talent that attends ASU and the school’s tradition of amazing parties, I’d want to tailgate as long as possible, too. Hopefully, for the sake of the sane, alcohol-loving ASU students, the task force will put aside past grudges and come to the correct conclusion. It’s the right thing to do.

Keep the kegs.

Suck it, nerds.

[via AZ Central]


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