Arkansas Pizza Joint Will Give Away 1,000 Free Pies To Students “WHEN We Beat Alabama”

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Nice Move


A pizzeria in Fayetteville, Arkansas, knows their Razorbacks are going to upset Alabama, who are ranked first in the AP Poll. They know it. They feel it in their olives. And to celebrate the inevitable victory, Eureka Pizza guaranteed Arkansas students 1,000 free pies.

No “ifs” here, folks. Eureka’s talking bout WHEN they roll the Tide.

Take note, college town restaurants and bars. This is a very do-able free giveaway. 1K free ‘zas is right in the sweet spot. You don’t want to end up like that bar in Orlando did last season, which promised free beers until the University of Central Florida won a game. Well, the Knights gave up every single game, and The Basement bar, staying true to their promise, gave up over 15,000 free brews. Ouch.

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