Army Colonel Warns Weed Shops Not To Sell To Service Members Or Else

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Army Colonel Warns Weed Shops Not To Sell To Service Members Or Else

If you’ve served a tour in Afghanistan or Iraq, you’ve seen some shit. My roommate served in Afghanistan, and I’ve heard the stories. This is why I’m not opposed to those returning home finding certain ways to relax and relieve all the stress they built up while serving their country. Whether that be a 19-year-old ordering a drink at a bar or a soldier lighting up a joint, these men and women have earned that right.

With the rise in marijuana legalization across the nation, my roommate and I have always wondered how this would affect those serving in the military. Well, it seems that we have our answer. On Jan. 21, Colonel David Chase sent out a letter to several marijuana dispensaries to let the owners know that should they sell their products to the troops, they will face consequences.

From what I was told by both Bluto and my roommate, this is pretty common for the Army to do. It’s within a commander’s power to designate any establishment off limits if he thinks the services it provides are detrimental to readiness and discipline. Rules are rules, but there should be an exception to this rule for those who are returning from duty, in my humble, civilian opinion.

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