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Nice Move

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If you were wondering why our very popular RUSH BOOBS series has mysteriously disappeared from the website, it’s not because we’re anti-boobs now. We’re not. It’s because we’ve moved the photo galleries exclusively to Cyber Dust, so the only way you can view them is by downloading the Cyber Dust app and adding +TotalFratMove.

It turns out our advertisers aren’t too keen on the idea of promoting their products on the same page we feature college girls’ boobs. It’s whatever. So, we are fixing this minor dilemma by using Cyber Dust, the app with the message-destructing feature that wipes anything you post off the face of the planet, permanently. Nothing you send inside the app hits a server, unlike that other disappearing message app you use. Your messages are untraceable. We also blast out other exclusive, explicit content that isn’t safe for the site on our Cyber Dust account. It can get downright weird in there.

To get you all familiar with the app, I’m signing in to Cyber Dust at 4pm CST on the +TotalFratMove account so you can ask me questions, compliment my hair, tell me how much you love to hate me, or even send me graphic photos–whatever you heathens desire. I’ll be on from 4pm CST to 5pm CST.

Download Cyber Dust, Add +TotalFratMove, and Ask Dorn Anything


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