“Ask The Intern” Is Back – Send In Your Questions For Intern Sydney

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Nice Move

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It’s been way too long since we ended the very popular “Ask The Intern” series, and still, years since the last one was published, I see people asking for us to bring it back.

I’m reluctant to announce some big news that absolutely none of you deserve. We’re bringing the series back starting this week, only with a little twist. You will no longer be submitting your questions to the anonymous punching bag behind the TFM Intern account. Intern Sydney, pictured above, will be answering your questions.

If you follow us on Snapchat (TFMofficial), you watched Sydney do a takeover live from Bourbon Street last weekend.

She’s also been a TFM Babe of the Day and appeared on @tfmgirls like a million times. Anyway, this should be fun.

Send your questions now to Intern Sydney at sydney@totalfratmove.com.

Image via Instagram/ @sanmarvelous


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