Asshole Colleges Create “Collegiate Exit Exam”

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Nice Move

The Council for Aid to Education thinks there isn’t enough quality information to gauge if undergraduates are actually learning anything. So, in order to really put things in perspective and see past those test scores that apparently are completely unreliable- they made another test.

“The test will measure analysis, problem solving, writing, quantitative reasoning and reading, the Council for Aid to Education said.

“It could serve a similar role to the admission exams that graduate schools rely on as a standard evaluation for their applicants.”

“Employers want to see something they can rely on,” Poliakoff said. “They don’t want to see a portfolio of things that show a candidate may or may not have done.”

“A dirty secret about higher education for a very long while is, we’ve had no particularly good ways of knowing the most important thing, and that is whether students are learning,”

So far a handful of colleges have already adopted the test and I have to say, I’m really stoked…that I already graduated. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure a “good way of knowing” whether or not students are learning from their classes is the tests…that they take…at the end of the class.

If a grade point average and existing standardized tests aren’t reliable enough, how is stacking ANOTHER test going to actually accomplish anything? As for prospective employers, I’m pretty sure the whole reference check and interview processes are fairly reliable. If you go through an entire interview and the kid can’t navigate his way through a simple conversation where they have to explain what they’ve done then, uh, don’t hire that person.

This is all incredibly stupid.

[via NBC News]


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