Aussie Man Invents Hamdog — A Hot Dog, Burger Hybrid — And How Did We Not Invent This First?

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Nice Move


Brace yourselves, world. Ready or not, the Hamdog is here.

The Hamdog is a mash-up of two classics, the hamburger and the hot dog, married together on a customized bun.

A man in Australia patented the heart-clogging hybrid back in 2009, but only recently started selling the Frankenfood at markets and festivals across Western Australia. He originally pitched the idea on the Australian version of Shark Tank, but was tragically shot down by the investors.



From BBC:

Mark Murray first appeared on Shark Tank – the Australian equivalent to the UK show Dragon’s Den – where he pitched the idea to potential investors.

The judges turned him down for funding.

But one year later, he is selling the Hamdogs at fairs and markets in Western Australia and looking for people interested in taking on a franchise.

Love the innovation here, but I am shocked (and pretty damn disappointed) that an American didn’t patent this idea first. Sure, other countries usually pull off weirder food combos than us:








But the non-fishy, cookout-related stuff is our wheelhouse. The scientists in charge of inventing new fast food items for America really dropped the ball on this one. The Hamdog should have been ours. Now, God knows how long I’ll have to wait before sinking my teeth into one here in the states. No, I am not going to Australia to try one (kangaroos are fucking terrifying). And no, cutting up a hot dog and putting it on a hamburger would not be the same thing you fucking simpleton.

[via BBC]

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