Authorities Believe The Fiji House Fire At Miami University Was The Result Of Arson

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Nice Move

According to the Ohio State Fire Marshal’s Office, the cause of the fire that destroyed the Fiji house at Miami University was not an accident, but rather the result of arson. Not only that, but there’s a reward for information about the arsonist(s).

A reward of up to $5,000 is being offered by the Blue Ribbon Arson Committee for information leading to the identification of the person or persons who may be responsible for the fires.

“It is imperative that someone come forward with information,” said State Fire Marshal Larry Flowers. “Investigators want to hear from anyone who saw something out of the ordinary at or around the time of the fire or who may have heard someone speaking about the fire with an unusual level of interest or knowledge.”

Could this have been a frat prank gone too far? It seems entirely plausible to me that some guys from a rival fraternity snuck up to an open window with fireworks in hand, lit the suckers, and threw them in without realizing that the carpet in the room was still soaked with Everclear from the night before, because a giant, alcoholic bro nicknamed something like “Hippo” tried to chug the grain alcohol but immediately started puking and spilled it everywhere. Then, the blasts from the fireworks instantly ignited the carpet and BOOM, a full on frat-ferno erupts.

In case you forgot what the fire looked like, here’s a video from the original TFM News story.

Pretty intense. Here’s a picture of the aftermath:


There’s just something so symbolic about the crushed red solo cups out front.

If you have any info on the possible arsonist(s), here’s the contact info:

Anyone with information, video or photos involving this fire is asked to call the State Fire Marshal’s Fire & Explosion Investigation Bureau at 1-800-589-2728 or the Oxford Police Department’s tip line at 513-524-5268.

Those arsonists are just lucky Todd Storm isn’t on the case. Or the Frat Cops.

[via Fox 19]




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    Even though this isn’t my fraternity I feel bad. Fuck, this would suck so bad, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Good luck getting a new house guys, hope you can recover lots of stuff from the old place.

    ^ ThisTake a lapLog in or sign up to reply. • 3 years ago

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