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Nice Move

Back Door Cover

If you’re into college football, gambling, loose women, and listening to a couple guys casually discuss these things with limited knowledge of them, Back Door Cover is your podcast.

In this week’s episode, the first after actual college football games have been played, we discuss going a collective 13-1 on our Week 1 gambling picks, among Ross Bolen, Tim Livingston of The Lead Sports, and myself. So basically not listening and following our gambling picks is the equivalent of passing by free money on the ground and not picking it up. Come for the picks; stay for the laughs (because our picks will only get worse).

If you enjoy this episode (SoundCloud embedded below for you non-iTunes psychos), please subscribe, review, and rate it 5 stars. The funniest reviews will be read live on the podcast.

Don’t be an asshole. Listen to Back Door Cover.


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