Badass Catches Record-Breaking Shark With A Compound Bow

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Nice Move

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With a move that would impress B-movie writers everywhere, Jeff Thomason took down a world-record 800-pound mako shark with a freakin’ bow and arrow. Thomason, the host of the hunting show “Predator Pursuit,” was a tight end in the NFL for 10 years. His masculinity is already extremely intact, but in case you aren’t well-versed in mako shark size records, Jeff beat the former world record by 300 pounds.

From the Lone Star Outdoor News:

“We shoot regular AMS bow arrows, but they have an interlock grapple with a steel leader. You need the sharks really close to the boat and out of the water because those arrows are so heavy, they don’t fly far.” Jeff told the press. “They’ve got to be about three feet from the boat to get the arrow to stick, so we threw a fish on a line and teased him to the boat. I try and shoot for the top of the back. As soon as the arrow hit, all hell broke loose. We freaked out because I spined him and we thought he might sink.”

It took five men 15 minutes to land the damn thing and another 15 to haul in the beast with the pulley system. Because this story wasn’t cool enough yet, Jeff then donated about 400 pounds of shark meat to a Los Angeles homeless shelter, presumably keeping the homeless well-fed for a couple months.

Jeff Thomason, you’re an American badass.

[via Lone Star Outdoor News]


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