Ball State Student Swishes Half-Court Shot For Free Tuition

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Nice Move

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College half-court shot contests occur pretty frequently, and many times end with the student making the bucket. If you take a step back and look at it, it’s not that hard of a shot. I once made 15 in a row, with one hand, backwards granny style (which, coincidentally, is also my favorite sex position). No joke. If you doubt me, good luck, because I don’t have any video evidence or eye-witness accounts to provide evidence in favor of it ever happening, so you can’t prove that it didn’t.

It’s not very often that you see a shot this crisp, though. Beautiful arc, perfect power, nothing but net. Kid was cheesin’ so hard afterwards, too. You love to see that kind of excitement. Check it out.

I have a conspiracy theory about half-court shot contests. I think that the companies and schools who sponsor them want the participants to win. The $18,000 that State Farm pays when a student sinks a half-courter on College GameDay is nothing compared to the value of the free publicity they get from companies like us posting these videos. Especially in Ball State’s case, where they are rewarding the shot maker with something that doesn’t cost them any money (it just prevents them from making more), sponsoring a half-court contest seems like a win-win advertising method.

In unrelated news, if you pay me a measly $10,000, I will make a half-court shot and then thank you for it with a tweet to all my 3,815 Twitter followers. Ball’s in your court.

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