Baltimore Orioles Show Up In Toronto Rocking Canadian Tuxedos

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Nice Move

A team of Americans crossing over the Canadian border and throwing on the official-unofficial full denim outfit of Canadian nationals is the Canadian equivalent of a full fledged war declaration, isn’t it? Does this move — one that, to Americans, is just a light-hearted jab to a non-threatening neighbor — finally give Canada’s atrophied military something to get excited about? At least a reason get a good stretch in?

Love this move.

From Yahoo! Sports:

With themed outfits becoming a trend du jour among baseball teams, members of the Baltimore Orioles decided to get extra denim-y Wednesday as they traveled from New York to Toronto to start a series with the Blue Jays.

The look is called the “Canadian Tuxedo” — a denim-on-denim get-up that’s fashionable in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way. Only this wasn’t a group of hipsters being ironic or Canadian Olympians poking fun at themselves, it was Adam Jones and his crew fully being aboot that denim life.

I still think the Canadian Tuxedo, or “Denim Dan” as I sometimes call it, is an underrated look.

[via Yahoo! Sports]

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