Bama’s New Football Facility Has An Arcade Section In It

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Nice Move

The University of Alabama’s football facility recently got a facelift. Although very few images of the upgrades have seen the light of day, it’s clear they went all out, which is what you’d expect from the premier program in the country right now. Everyone seems to be making a huge deal about the waterfall they had installed in the hot tub area. Here it is:


Yeah, I mean it is pretty legit, although I don’t see where all the hoopla is coming from. It’s not even all the waterfall-y, really. It’s just a fancy water feature where that shit comes out of a wall just three feet from the water’s surface. Whatever. What I am much more impressed with is the arcade games they added.

Bama offensive tackle Brandon Hill captured a couple seconds of the arcade via Instagram video. CLICK HERE to view it.

Those arcade motorcycle games are the shit, man. I used to blow pocketfuls of tokens on those bad boys, just tearing through highly-populated urban areas and getting in super violent head-on collisions with buildings and oncoming traffic that would surely lead to instant death. So much fun.

Word has it that Nick Saban is unhappy with the choice of the motorcycle games in lieu of other more traditional ones. According to reports, his feet don’t reach the floor.

[via Instagram]



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